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Founded in 1998 by Roger "Pinky" Tener, the Dawn Patrol is a loose gathering of over 300 science fiction, space and aviation enthusiasts from throughout the United States and Canada. Each weekday morning Pinky publishes the email newsletter, The Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol. The Chronicles is filled with humor, science fiction fandom, space and aeronautics, and updates on the lives of the members.

Dawn Patrol members at Conraception 12

The Chronicles has spawned a weekly parody issue, Midnight Dusk Petrol, edited by Czarcon chairs Nancy and Ross Hathaway. Email them at takki2takki@earthlink.net to be added to this funny Sunday evening newsletter.

Bob Tucker has restarted his decades long running fanzine Le Zombie. First published in December 1938, the last issue of LeZombie, number 67, had been published in December 1975 and was printed by an esoteric method called planography. 500 copies of that 24 page issue were published.

While some Dawn Patroller's only involvement is receiving the newsletter, others meet regularly in person and online. In January, nearly 50 Dawn Patrollers gathering for weekend in Hutchinson, Kansas, which included a day at the Cosmosphere and two evenings with a hospitality suite at a local hotel.

ConQuesT 31 saw the first ever, official meeting of the Dawn Patrol. The DP is now incorporated in the State of Missouri as an educational organization. The Patrol held a fund raising event at ConQuesT and raised $700 for a Wichita fan who suffered a recent loss.

Pinky hosts regular chats. Gatherings are scheduled Tuesday evenings and the first Sunday of the month.. See The Chronicles for details on how to attend.

Roger Pinky Tener
Our founder

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