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Bid to host the 64th World Science Fiction Convention
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Kansas City 2006
PO BOX 1825
LEES SUMMIT MO 64063-7825.
To All of our Friends and Supporters:

We want to thank everyone who helped us with our bid for the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in 2006. Unfortunately, the vote did not end favorably for us, but we know that the Los Angeles Committee will give the fans the great convention that it always does.

Based on the support we had, we feel that we have proven that a viable Worldcon Bid can come out of the Midwest and stand ready to help and support those in the area who would wish to try.

Thank you again for all your support.

Margene S. Bahm, Bid Chairman Kansas City in 2006, A Bid for the 64th World Science Fiction Convention

We encourage you to visit and attend the 2006 WorldCon in Anaheim, California - See you there!

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Kansas City in 2006 was a bid to hold the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Overland Park, Kansas on August 31 - September 4, 2006. If selected, MidAmeriCon II would have been held 30 years after Kansas City's last WorldCon.  The site selection was voted by the members of Torcon III (the 61st World Science Fiction Convention) in Toronto in August, 2003.

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