Nebula Awards Weekend 2000
Page 7 - Awards Part 1
Midamerican Fan Photo Archive

Toastmaster Scott Edelman

Daniel Keyes honored as Author Emeritus

Paul Levinson, Terry McGarry

George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent honored for Service to SFWA

Scott Edelman sings "Are you Hopeful Tonight?"

M. Christine Valada acknowledges award for M. Night Shyamalan

Hugo and Nebula Winner Terry Bisson presents the Nebula
Award for best short story

Bruce Holland Rogers accepts short story award for Leslie What

Nancy Kress presents award for best novelette

Best Novelette winner Mary A. Turzillo

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Page 5 - Business Meeting
Page 6 - before the Awards
Awards Presentation 2  After the awards

Regional signing in Austin, Texas

Midamerican Fan Photo Archive

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