Nebula Awards Weekend 2001
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive
Saturday: Business Meeting &
L. A. Times Book Festival

Jane Jewell, Howard Hendrix, Terry McGary,
Paul Levinson, K. D. Wentworth, Linda Dunn, Eleanor Wood

Back row to front, left to right: Lee Marindale,
Joel Richards, Cynthia Felice, Shelia Finch,
Peter Heck, Laura Anne Gilman, Thomas McDonough,
Pat Murphy, Ann Scofield, Lori Ann White,
Pat York, Catherine Petrini, Joe Haldeman,
Gay Haldeman, Robin Wayne Bailey, Diana Paxson

Mysterious Galaxy signing:
Gay Haldeman (standing), Joe Haldeman

SFWA/Dangerous Visions booth - back to camera:
 Laura Freas, Frank Kelly Freas, Neil Gaiman,
Paul Levinson

Neil Gaiman

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