Torcon 3
The 61st World Science Fiction Convention
August 28 - September 1, 2003
Friday - Panels (2)

Mike Glickson, Gay Haldeman,  Lorena Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin
Panel - Is this your first WorldCon?
Mike Glickson, Gay Haldeman,  Lorena Haldeman, Rusty Hevelin

Fred Lemer, David Kyle, Robert Silverberg
Panel - 1953: The year of the first hugo
Fred Lemer, David Kyle, Robert Silverberg

Mike Glyer, Ken Keller
Panel - LA vs KC
Mike Glyer, Ken Keller

Competing WorldCon Bid Chairman look on
Margene Bahm, Christian B. McGuire

Ed Eilert
Panel - Fannish Inquisition I Information from the two 2006
World Science Fiction Convention Bids
Overland Park, KS Mayor, Ed Eilert

Panel - Mass book Signing for STARS

David Langford
Panel - Live Thog's Masterpiece
David Langford

Thursday - fan areas
Thursday - fan areas (2)
Thursday - opening ceremony
Friday panels
Friday - dealers' room & autographs
Friday panels (2)
Saturday day
Saturday autographs
Hugo Awards
Hugo Awards (2)
Hugo Awards (3)
Hugo Awards (4)
Hugo Awards (5)
Hugo Awards results SFWA News
Sunday day
Sunday autographs
Masquerade 2
Masquerade 3
Masquerade 4
Masquerade 5
Masquerade 6
Sunday Night parties
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