WindyCon 32
  Wyndham O'Hare Hotel - Rosemont, Illinois
November 11-13, 2006
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Opening Ceremonies

(Photos by John Lars Shoberg )

Publisher GOH
Jacob Weisman

Author GOH:
Jack McDevitt

Opening Ceremonies: the Passing of the Presents
Mark Olson, Jacob Weisman, Seth Stostak, Tom Smith

Tom reveals the presented gift:
An electronic Sudoku game

Short Story Contest:
Marcy Lyn-Waitsman presents a silver coin to Honorable Mention winner Rich Mansfield

Short Story Contest:
Marcy Lyn-Waitsman presents winner P.R. Comez with a gold coin

 A tragic announcement by Steven Silver

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MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

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