Demicon 19
  Hotel Fort Des Moines - Des Moines, IA
May 2-4, 2008
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Saturday Panels II

(Photos by John Lars Shoberg )

What Size Am I?:
Shelia Lenkman, Pierre Pettinger, Tracy Majkol

Medical Quackery:
Dr. Alan Kaslow, Dr. Karen Nagel

How Not to be a Dinosaur:
Mark Hagerman

Hot Guys in Science Fiction:
Mary Wilson, Ann Totusek, Dr. Karen Nagel

A Chat with the Guests of Honor:
Tadao Tomomatsu, Steven Barnes, Joe Myers, Inger Myers, Mitch Bentley, Rusty Hevelin

Who Are These Guys? - DMSFS 101:
Bill Davis, Susan Stewart

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MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

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