Demicon 19
  Hotel Fort Des Moines - Des Moines, IA
May 2-4, 2008
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Saturday Around the Convention I

(Photos by John Lars Shoberg )

Volunteer table
Charles Piehl and friend at the volunteer table

Tadao enjoying Inger cookies
Tadao enjoying his Inger cookies, Steve Houle

Arrested by Klingons
Tracy Majkol is arrested by the Klingons:
John Schulte, Tracy Majkol, ??

Dealers Room
Dealer's Room

Dealers Room
Dealer's Room:
Chain Mail Guy

Dealers Room
Dealer's Room

John Schlosser
John Schlosser attempts Hari Kari with a light saber

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MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

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