Nebula Awards Weekend
Cocoa Beach, Florida
May 14, 2010

Friday morning before leaving for the shuttle launch

sunrise, palm, and cruise ship
Sunriise from the  Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Science fiction writer Carl Frederick
Carl Frederick walking along the shore at sunrise

Continental breakfast in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America hospitality suite

Waiting for the short bus to take them to the Banana Creek Viewing Site


Lee Martindale, Gay Haldema, Joe Haldeman, Peter Heck

Linda Lipp, Ted Kosmatka

Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, Tom Doherty

David D Levine, Laura Anne Gilman
David D. Levine, Laura Anne Gilman

Science fiction writer David D Levine, Kate Yule
David D Levine, Kate Yule

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