Restcon - Norman, Oklahoma
November, 1998
Photos by Brad Sinor
Midamerica Fan Photo Archive

Tiny Restcon was a one time relaxacon held on the weekend when the
final Soonercon was originally scheduled. The photo below
contains almost every member of the convention.
Chairs of Restcon were Cary Osborne and Cathy Ball.

Back row: , Claire Stephens, Alice Hixenbaugh, Michael Keller, Rosemary Swift,
Tim Frayser, Marisa Means, David Means, , Syd Henderson. James Brazell in hat.
Seated: Sue Sinor, Keith W. Stokes, Cary Osborne, David Thayer, Marj Montague, Luke Ball
Second Row: , Barbie Beck, Dave St. John, Diana Thayer, Art Matthews.
First row: Jana Galpin, Michael , Steve Galpin, Cathy Ball, Stephanie Cirar, Mark Ball.

Barbie Beck, Keith Stokes, Cary Osborne, James Brazell.

Judy Madden, Mike Madden, Keith Stokes

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