ConQuesT 38
Airport Hilton - Kansas City, MO
May 25-27, 2007
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Rosemary Swift,  Mary Jane Montague
Rosemary Swift,  Marj Montague

"The perfect art show"  Jan Sherrell Gephardt, Nancy Hathaway, Tyrell Gephardt, Cathie McCormick, Debbi Pellicano

"Worlds of Warcraft"  Kerry Knorr, Mike Higgins, Allison Stein, Margene Bahm

"Literary conventions just ain't what they used to be"
Ross Hathaway, Roger Tener, Keith Stokes, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Janice Gelbm Deb Geisler

Bev Hale, Glen Sixbury, Sherri Dean, Linda Donahue

"Yard Dog Road Show"   Mark Tiedemann, Salina Rosen, ?

"The Magic of Harry Potter"
Jesi Lipp, Paula Helm Murray, David Means, Jill Kleinoski, Marziah Karch, Parvaneh Karch-Agnew

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MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

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