The 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)
Anaheim California
August 23 - 27, 2006
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive


Patti Keller
Be Carefull What You Ask For
Made & worn by Patti Keller
(Novice Class)

Heritors of Yu
Made & worn by Pierre Pettinger, Sandi Pettinger,
Tina Connell, John Blaker
(Master Class: Best Original)

Randi Tinkham
Special Presentation
Worn & made by Randi Tinkham
(Journeyman Class: Best Recreation)

Eugenia Horne
Lieutenant Athena's Lament
Made 7 worn by Eugenia Horne
(Journeyman Class)

Dancing with Celebrities from the Stars

The Ancient Dragon and the Wandering Knight
Worn & made by Arwen Grune & LLana Grune
(Novice Class: Honorable Mention)

Joy Day
Solo Flight
Made & worn by Jerry Crosson
(Journeyman Class)

Red Badge of Courage
Worn by Bill Taylor, Thomas Benson & John Dougan
Made & worn by Arabella Benson & Bridget Landry Made by Kate Morgenstern
(Master Class: Honorable Mention)

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