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The Millennium Philcon
The 59th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30- September 3, 2001

Wednesday - In the bar
Thursday - Registration & Opening Ceremony
Friday Day 1
Friday Day 2
Retro Hugos 1
Retro Hugos 2
Chesley Award 1
Chesley Award 2
Masquerade Photos
Adam Reuter Photos

More to come!

Offsite Photos:
http://www.lensflare.com/~new/sf/cons/milphil/ (Douglas Triggs)
http://tom.hise.org/Philcon (Tom Hise)
http://www.sfcanada.ca/worldconphotos.htm (SF Canada)
www.sff.net/people/a.gormley/MilPhil_1.htm (Adrienne Gormley)
http://www.sff.net/people/dragonwriter/worldcon/worldcon.html (Helen Davis)
http://www.tomp.net/Milphil (Tom Powers)
http://www.dpsinfo.com/images/milphil/ (Laurie Mann)
http://www.sff.net/people/jdteehan/milphilmain.html (John Teehan)

Chesley Award Results (SFWA News Site)
Hugo Award Results (SFWA News Site)
Retro Hugo Award Results (SFWA News Site)
Site Selection Results (SFWA News Site)

The Millennium Philcon

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The MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive is an index of hundreds of photographs of science fiction fans and professionals taken at conventions and events around North America. There are links to convention photo pages at other sites with thousands of additional photos. The onsite photos are all indexed and we are slowly indexing those that are offsite.

If you have pictures of events which you wish to have added to the archive, please contact sfreader@unicom.net

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