Torcon 3
The 61st World Science Fiction Convention
August 28 - September 1, 2003
Hugo Awards

Marc Gordon
Hugo rehearsal

Spider Robinson
Spider Robinson

Marc Gordon, Spider Robinson
Stage Manager Marc Gordon holding Hugo, Spider Robinson

Pat Cadigan, Gay Haldeman, Guy Gavriel Kay
Pre awards reception
Pat Cadigan, Gay Haldeman (back to camera), Guy Gavriel Kay

Torcon 3 Hugo Award - the base is made of maple, with
maple leaves representing rocket flames.

John Hertz, Rusty Hevelin
John Hertz, Rusty Hevelin

Walter Jon Williams, David Hartwell
Walter Jon Williams, David Hartwell

Procession to the awards ceremony

Thursday - fan areas
Thursday - fan areas (2)
Thursday - opening ceremony
Friday panels
Friday - dealers' room & autographs
Friday panels (2)
Saturday day
Saturday autographs
Hugo Awards
Hugo Awards (2)
Hugo Awards (3)
Hugo Awards (4)
Hugo Awards (5)
Hugo Awards results SFWA News
Sunday day
Sunday autographs
Masquerade 2
Masquerade 3
Masquerade 4
Masquerade 5
Masquerade 6
Sunday Night parties
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