Thank you to everyone that participated and made SMOFcon 24 a success!

SMOFcon 24
December 1-3, 2006
The Hotel Phillips, Kansas City, MO

Smofcon 24 is a convention aimed at the people who plan Science Fiction conventions on a National and International level. Smofcon 24 is open to anyone interested in con running in order to build a greater sense of community in Conrunning Fandom.

Workshops, discussions, panels, and food - Smofcon 24 will examine con-running topics from hotel relations to selecting guests, to developing strong programming, to building membership. Smofcon 24 draws on the knowledge of its membership to create a weekend of cross disciplinary education and entertainment.

The main focus of the convention this year will be "Improving Our Communications."

The Hotel Phillips is a beautiful art deco hotel in the heart of downtown Kansas City. Its central location makes the city's unique sights, shops and restaurants easily accessible. (800) 433-1426. The convention room rate was $99 Single/Double, $109 Triple/Quad, but the room block expired on October 31.

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SMOFcon 25 - December 7-9, 2006

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