Number 39   June 1941
Michigan Division compiled by E. E. Evans

LeZombie 39

fan, author, club, fanzine, Eclipse, The Detroit Science Fictioneers, Richard Kuhn, Lynn Bridges
Rudy Sayn, Seymour Kapteansky, Eugene Calweaert, Katherine marcusson, Harry Nowakowski
Lee O'Connell, Jack L Jones, Steamer Cadillac, River Station, Jackson, The Galactic Roamers
John Millard, Dr. E E Smith, Clarrissa Smith, Paul Leavy Sr & Jr, Edw. Riehle
Battle Creek E E Evans, Alfred & Abbey Lu Ashley, Edwin Counts, Jack Messmer, Fred Merchant
Merchant Lumber Co, Elra House, Michigan Carton Company, Dale Smith Fort Custer, Ed Mong,
Saginaw, William Brudy, Wolverene, Carl Anderson, Petoskey, Chester Peyfer, C Carlson
Muskegon, George Aylesworth, Mackinaw City, Martin Alger, Winifred Marx, New Troy
Rex Tullison, John Lapin, Mount Pleasent, Edward P Gervais, Lansing, Milton Kaletsky
Marry Urbannus, H P Ponghoff, Kalamazoo, Michifans, Rudy Sayn

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Le Zombie Copyright © Wilson Tucker
Photo Copyright © Keith Stokes
Issue #39 from the collection of Robin Wayne Bailey