Number 45    January, 1942
Volume 4       Number 10
Section Two    1941 Fanzine Yearbook

Le Zombie #45

Cometeer Monthly, James V Taurasi, Cosmic Tales, James V Taurasi, The Damn Thing, T. Bruce Yerke
The Denventioneer, Lew Martin, Discovery of the Future, F J Ackerman, Eclipse, Richard Kuhn, Fanart
Harry Jenkins Jr, Fan-atic, Charles A Beling, Fanfare, Art Widner Jr, Fantaseer, William Groveman, Fantasia
Lou Goldstone, The Fantasite, Phil Bronson, The Fantast, Douglas Webster, Fantasy Fiction Field
Julius Unger, Fantasy News, Wm S Sykorn, Fantasy Times, J V Taurasi, FMZ Digest, Arthur L Joquel
Frontier, Paul H Klingbiel, Future, Eric H Russell, Fantascience Digest, Bob Madle

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Issue #45 from the collection of Robin Wayne Bailey