Number 46    April 1942
Volume 4  Number 11
every other month from p-o box 260, bloomington, Illinois
bob tucker   E E Evans

Le Zombie #46

The Photos on the cover: Top picture of the ship rounding the moon is the second of a series prodiced by Martin
Alger, Box 520, Mackinaw City, Michigan. Lower photo, left side is the wife. Our wife, the mother of a pair of
slans. It was taken, as was the other on the right side, as the Michigan Conference last November. And that prize
pair, on the right side are Abby Lu and Al Ashley on Battle Creek, two of the editors of Nova.
Fans in service: Why not adopt a fan in service and keep him supplies with promags? We do it for English and
Australian (& other) fans: why not for our oen fans, many of whom we know by sight? As of March 26:
Donn Brazier, Bill Brudy, Douglas Blakely, Lynn Bridges, Charles Chandler, Cyril Eggum, Ralph Hamilton,
Jerry Keeley, Nick Konnealy, Chris Mulrain, Sully Roberds, Fred Shroyer, George Tullis, Hyman Tiger, Dan Wade.
National Fantasy Fan Federation, Fannueal, fanzine, NFFF

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