Number 47    May-June 1942
Volume 4   Number 12
War Dept
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LeZombie 47

Donn Brazier, Bill Brudy, Douglas Blakely, Lynn Bridges, Dan Buford, Alan Class, Chas Chandler
Cyrul Eggum, Ralph Hamilton, Jerry Keeley, Nick Kenealy, Louis Kuslan, Lew Martin
Chris Nulrain, Sully Roberds, Fred Shroyer, George Tullis, Hyman Tiger, DanWade, John L Millard
Hoe Fortier, California Mercury, March FAPA mailing, Mercury, Lou Goldstone
Fantasia, Nick Kenealy, Australia, Chicago's George Tillis, June FAPA mailing

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Le Zombie Copyright © Wilson Tucker
Photo Copyright © Keith Stokes
Issue #47 from the collection of Robin Wayne Bailey