Number 48    July-August 1942
Volume 5  Number 1
the ghouls ghazette
cover drawing by Walter Marconette           Photographs by Tucker

Le Zombie 48

On the cover: at the top of the page we see Little Bismuth, the office shadow. This is the person who
licks stamps, rejects manuscripts, and writes us highly complimentary letters, which we always print.
He also swigs from a bottle of wood alcohol which we keep handly for cleaning.
The photographs: the LeZ Lovliez are, from left to right: (1) Kay Becker, (2) Smokey, a feline, (3) Jane
Tucker, (4) Abby Lu Ashley, (5) Verna Smith Trestrail, and (6) Dorothy Tomkins.
LeZ Miserables:(left to right, first row: (1) EEEvans and chicken leg, (2) Walt Liebscher and chicken,
(3) Al Ashley and chicken leg, (4) sleeping-beauty Jack Wiedenbeck and no chicken leg, (5) EE Smith
and a chicken leg. Behind them, reading from right to left: (6) Mrs EE Smith and chicken leg, (7) Verna
again, minus chicken, (8) Jane again, ditto, and (9) Abby Lu again, with chicken leg. That makes a total
of 7 chicken legs. Rather than leave a one-legged fowl running about, we will admit that the photographer
was gnawing on the remaining stem. Hungry?
The cover itself: far be it from us to sabotage Ackerman's service organization, but we have discovered a
photo-litho off-set firm that will print these covers for us far cheaper than Ackie's price. And believe us
... not even our love for the #1 face will permit us to squander month needlessly ... even if the money
does come from Evans.
... not even our love for the #1 face will permit us to squander month needlessly ... even if the money
does come from Evans. Notice we say we "believe" we have discovered the place; you see, as we
type this, we have not yet seen the finished product. If the cover you find hereon is nice, glee with us.
In the latter event, we hope Ackie will accept us back minus sarcastic remarks and a sneering glance.
There must be at least one apology in each editorial. Here is ours: we were royally rooked by a
photographer, some months ago, which is why U found a blank space on page 5, last issue. We don't
mind the guy making off with our money, for we have more of that, but we were terribly put-out by his
pilfering of our Doc Barrett photo, for we have no more of those. The postoffice hounds are hot on
the cur's trail. We weep.
Free fanzines to fans in service: editors wishing to donate their product to this worthy cause (and many
are doing so) may either send their fanzines direct to the fans listed in our War Dept; or they may send a
bundle of same to Harry Warner. Harry makes up small packages & mails them out. We have placed
an asterisk after the name of each person whose military address we know. You may have same by
sending us a postcard, asking for the particular addresses you want.
And as usual, we reserve the space to the
right to inform you on the status of your
subscription, If it is blank, you're okay.

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