Wilson Tucker Photo Gallery

Tucker Tribute August 4, 2001: Melisa Knappenberger, Bob Tucker, Fern Tucker

Fern Tucker, James Hollaman, Sheri Dean, Bob Tucker

Tom Meserole, Fern Tucker, Bob Tucker

September 30, 2000: Bob Tucker
Wilson Tucker in his office
September 2002: Wilson Tucker in his office

Campbell Award
Bob Tucker's Science Fiction League membership
Science Fiction League membership

Castle Theater where Bob met Fern Delores Brookes in 1952. Bob worked at the Castle Theater until 1972.
Wilson Tucker
Bob Tucker

September 30, 2000: Bob Tucker

Bob Tucker, Keith Stokes

Fern Tucker & Bob Tucker with his second Hugo Award

Melisa Knappenberger, Fern Tucker

November 29, 2003: Roger Tener, Bob
Tucker, Fern Tucker, Brook (the dog)

with 2nd retro Hugo in 2004

Bob wearing a "Bob Tucker" T-shirt at the Tucekr Tribute

with Toni Weisskopf in 2005

with sons David and Bruce in June, 2006

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