ConQuesT 31 Album
Page 1 - registration & Opening Ceremony
Photos by Keith W. Stokes
Midamerican Fan Photo Archive

Dee Willis, John Vaughn, Lyn Halama
Dee Willis, John Vaughn, Lyn Halama


Leah Smith, Walter Jon WIlliams, Robin Wayne Bailey,
Co-chair Margene Bahm

Toastmaster Robin Wayne Bailey (standing), Co-chair Ted Poovey,
Artist GoH Brad W. Foster, Fan Gohs Dick Smith & Leah Smith

Back rubs for the Guests
Standing: Joyce Downing, Barbara Wally, Ted Pennella, Inger Meyers
Seated: Ted Poovey, Brad W. Foster, Dick Smith, Leah Smith,
Guest of Honor Walter Jon Williams

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ConQuest 31 Masquerade on Real Audio 6300K
Dawn Patrol Party

Midamerican Fan Photo Archive

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