Bloomington News Letter
the leading newspaper of the science fiction world
Issue #14  December 1949  Page 3
by Bob Tucker

Bob Tucker's Bloomington News Letter
The Spotlight, New Worlds' editor Ted Carnell, British Wit fantasy fans, Walt Daugherty
Marjorie M Margien, Los Angeles Figueroa Ballroom, Beatrice Mahaffey, Other Worlds
Mark Reinsberg, Bob Peterson, Avon Books editor Don Wollhein
Manly Banister, George Pal, Heinlein's Destination Moon, When Worlds Collide
Letters, Bob Bloch, Milwaukee, Anthony Boucher, Berkeley, Arthur Levine, New York
Louis E Garner Jr, Washington, Walter I. Bradbury

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News Letter copyright Wilson Tucker. Photo copyright 2006 by Keith Stokes