LoneStarCon 3
The 71st World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon)
San Antonio, Texas
August 30, 2013
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Chesley Award Ceremony Page 3
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Scott Zrubek
Scott Zrubek presents the Chesley Award for
Best Three Dimensional Art

Jon Schindehette
Jon Schindehette presents the Chesley Award for
Best Gaming Related Illustration

Julie Bell, Raoul Vitale, David Palumbo, James Shoop, Chesley Award trophies
Chesley Awards for Julie Bell, Raoul Vitale, David Palumbo and James Shoop

Bridget E. Duffy-Thorn
 Bridget E. Duffy-Thorn presents the Chesley Award for
Best Product Illustration

John Picacio
John Picacio accepts his 2nd Chesley Award of the evening

Vincent Villafranca
Vincent Villafranca presents the Chesley Award for
Best Art Director

Irene Gallo
Irene Gallo accepts this award on her own behalf

Darrell R. Sweet
 Darrell R. Sweet presents the Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement

Spring Schoenhuth
Spring Schoenhuth accepts the award on behalf of Gerald Brom

Todd Lockwood Chesley Award
Close up of Todd Lockwood's trophy

Bradley Denton and the presentors: Laura Domitz, Neil Clarke, Scott Zrubek, Richard Hescox, Mitchell Bentley, Bridget E. Duffy-Thorn
Jon Schindehette, Vincent Villafranca, Alan F. Beck, Darrell R. Sweet

Irene Gallo, John Picacio
Chesley Award winners who were present: Irene Gallo & John Picacio

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