Demicon 19
  Hotel Fort Des Moines - Des Moines, IA
May 2-4, 2008
MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

Saturday Concerts

(Photos by John Lars Shoberg )

Flatland Ramblers
Flatland Ramblers:
Jeanne Witt, Barbara Shultz, Scott Ross, Donna Ritchie

Beth Kinderman
Beth Kinderman

Orckes and Trolles w/Knotty Dog
Orckes and Trolls with Knotty Dog

Adam Stemple concert
Lojo Russo, Adam Stemple

Ka Klick Martin
Kaklick Martin/Bryan Baker

Possible Oscar
Possible Oscar

Eric Coleman

Eric Coleman
Eric Coleman enjoying the fruits of his labors

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MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive

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